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Total US troop deaths in Iraq to date (09/01/07) since 03/20/03: 3739

From 05/02/03 through 06/28/04: 718

From 06/29/04 through 01/30/05: 579

From 01/31/05 through 12/14/05: 715

From 12/15/05 through 01/31/07: 933

From 02/01/07: 653

(Sources: US Dept. of Defense, Iraq Coalition Casualty Count)

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007
"Nothing! Nothing!" Woody Allen pays obnoxiously awkward, self-absorbed and name-dropping tribute to Ingmar Bergman in today's New York Times. I cannot resist quoting from this self-contradictory paragraph:

"[C]ertainly Bergman’s movies will live on and will be viewed at museums and on
TV and sold on DVDs, but knowing him, this was meager compensation, and I am
sure he would have been only too glad to barter each one of his films for an
additional year of life. This would have given him roughly 60 more birthdays to
go on making movies; a remarkable creative output. And there’s no doubt in my
mind that’s how he would have used the extra time, doing the one thing he loved
above all else, turning out films."

"ANNA....!": Martin Scorsese pays classy tribute to Michaelangelo Antonioni, and L'Avventura in particular, in today's New York Times.


GOIN' DOWN THE ROAD, FEELING NOT TOO BAD, ACTUALLY: The Myeloma Mobile, inspired creation of the Tuohy family (whose pater Michael remains in healthy remission, seven years after being diagnosed with MM at age 36), stopped in Philadelphia yesterday on its coast-to-coast awareness-raising tour. There was a good turn-out, including several folks from the Philadelphia Multiple Myeloma Networking Group, of which I am a member. You can go straight to the Tuohy's blog here.

Dr. Edward A. Stadtmauer, Abramson Cancer Center, HUP (this guy has seen me hoinking my guts out, basically)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
THE ODDS: There remains some question as to whether Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare actually died on the same day, but apparently it was close enough for literary work. But what was the likelihood that two other elder masters, Ingmar Bergman and Michaelangelo Antonioni, of another art form (guess which one) would also die on the same day? Too terrible a reminder of a vanished era (1955-1975?) when movies were taken seriously as social commentary.

Sorry, but Grindhouse and Knocked Up just don't count. Not Little Miss Sunshine, either.

For now, a link to Jeffrey Wells' appreciation of Antonioni and especially L'Eclisse, one of the better love letters I've seen today. I had much the same reaction when I watched that film and L'Avventura last summer (neither for the first time): how genuinely ageless these movies are, how stunning to think that both were made nearly fifty years ago. The nerve it took to create movies like that then! And where is that nerve now?